QUELAGROW IBÉRICA is a company dedicated to the manufacture and development of agrochemical products destined for the agriculture.

Our aim is the maximum satisfaction of the customers at the application level of the products and in the development of the distribution of the same ones. For that, we are employed with the customers at several lines: exclusive distribution, white mark, etc.

Our products have been created to facilitate the work of farmers obtaining healthier and more productive crops. We offer a wide catalog of products, which is adapted to the needs of the market and its customers.


mapaQUELAGROW IBERICA has, since its founding, a vocation of internationalization. Its strategic location in Almeria, landmark technology-intensive agriculture and developed in Europe, means that it is in constant contact with the latest developments in plant nutrition and biological control of pests and diseases. In agriculture increasingly environmentally compatible and where the final consumer demand the highest quality and food safety.
QUELAGROW IBERICA can be found in several countries in Europe, Africa and America iundervarious forms of representation:
• Exclusive distribution
• Joint venture
• Subsidiary
If you are looking for a European company with a wide variety of products,  that adapts himdelf to the needs of the market and its customers, do not doubt it, QUELAGROW IBERICA is your company.

QUELAGROW IBERICA can contribute to the companies that develop their activity in the field of intensive and extensive agriculture, vegetables, fruit, cereals, oilseeds and legumes, a great experience in the handling of the more technified agriculture, collaborating in the introduction and development of the products in the destined markets.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish more information.